Stanton P. Eigenbrodt, PLLC

July 10, 2019

Are your kids leaving for college?  Make sure you can still talk to their doctors!

By Stan Eigenbrodt

If you have teenagers at home that are about to go, or go back, to college, you no doubt will be thinking about various lists of items to prepare or procure – books, furniture, clothes, school supplies, gaming console (or not), laundry detergent (hopefully it gets used) and various other items.  One thing you might not have thought of is what happens if your son or daughter needs to go to the doctor or ends up in the hospital?  Sure, you may be saying “but she’s covered by my health insurance”, but if your daughter or son is 18 or older, you may not be able to find out anything about their condition unless you have prepared in advance. 

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​​​​​April 21, 2019

Does the “E” in Email stand for “Enforceable Agreement”?

By Stan Eigenbrodt

Technology has radically changed the way we conduct business.  In fact, as more and newer technology becomes available, we can easily forget to worry about some older technology – namely, email.  It may seem a bit odd to refer to email as “old” technology, but it was invented in the 1970s and came into widespread use decades ago to the point now where it’s hard to imagine life without it.  A great deal of business, including exchanging contracts and signatures, occurs over email.  In fact, programs like DocuSign or Adobe Sign enable businesses and individuals to digitally sign documents so that transactions can be completely electronic.  While this ability to work electronically over email has certainly made it easier to conduct business, it has also caused unintended consequences.  As a general counsel, I have presented numerous training courses on how to use (and not use) email, but one topic that does not seem to get enough attention is the fact that you can easily find you or your business unintentionally caught up in an enforceable agreement because of one or more emails that you sent.  Read More -  Does the "E" in Email Stand For "Enforceable Agreement"?